Boards & Commissions

The following are links to various Town Committees, Commissions, and Boards, including their members, terms and a brief description of their charge.

If you are interested in serving on a board or commission, please fill out the Public Service Application (PDF)and submit to the Town Clerk's Office.

The following Boards & Commissions have vacancies:

ASSESSMENT BOARD OF REVIEW:  to hear and consider the appeal of any property owner concerning the amount of assessed valuation as determined by the assessor.  The Board meets at the call of the Chair.  The appointment is for one (1) member to December 1, 2022.

ASSET MANAGEMENT COMMISSION:  the purpose of this commission shall be to review all capital improvement and asset protection requests related to Town and School facilities, establish their priorities, determine funding levels and formulate a comprehensive capital improvement program and an asset protection plan to be presented to the Town Council.  The commission shall be responsible for projecting major expenditures needed to maintain existing municipal and school facilities, projecting new public facilities and reviewing the five-year, ten-year, and twenty-year capital improvement and asset protection programs.  To develop fiscal programs, generate innovative financing options and seek creative alternative funding for the capital improvement projects and asset protection projects.  The appointment is for one (1) Town Council Representative to July 1, 2021 to fill an unexpired term.

HISTORIC DISTRICT COMMISSION:  to review and act on all applications for alteration, construction, repair, removal or demolition of all structures and appurtenances located within the historic district; to review and make recommendations on all applications for the National Register of Historic Places and to promote the use of the historic district for the education, pleasure and welfare of the Town.  The Commission meets on the first Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m.  The appointment is for one (1) member to December 31, 2022.  All new applicants must have a resume attached.

LEISURE SERVICES ADVISORY COMMITTEE:  to assist the Town in the development, enhancement, and operation of recreation and leisure services including, but not limited to, the golf course, Allen Harbor, and all recreational and park facilities.  This Committee meets quarterly.  The appointment is for one (1) member to July 1, 2020 to fill an unexpired term.

LIBRARY BOARD OF TRUSTEES:  to oversee care of the property; responsible for policy-making and planning, based on a knowledge of the community, its service needs, and current standards and trends regarding libraries; to make rules and regulations for the government of the library and use of library materials; responsible for the library budget and finances.  This Board meets on the second Monday of each month.  The appointment is for one (1) member to October 1, 2020 to fill an unexpired term and one (1) member to October 1, 2021 to fill an unexpired term.

WICKFORD ADVISORY COMMITEE: The committee is charged with advising the council on preparing, managing growth and chance in Wickford while protecting the quality of life and historic character of the village. To assist in the enhancement of the relationship between the village and harbor.  Identify physical and other needs of Wickford. The Committee shall consist of ten (10) regular members who shall serve staggered 3-year terms. The appointments are preferably for four (4) Wickford Village Residents, four (4) Wickford Village Business Owners, and two (2) At-Large Members who shall be qualified electors of the town.  The appointment is for one (1) At-Large Member to October 1, 2021, two (2) Wickford Village Business Owners to October 1, 2020, one (1) Wickford Village Business Owner to October 1, 2021, and one (1) Wickford Village Business Owner to October 1, 2022.

WICKFORD VILLAGE DESIGN GUIDELINES: The purpose of this zoning overlay district is to encourage creative solution that will preserve the unique and historic qualities of Wickford Village center while helping businesses meet the challenging economy of the 21st century.  The appointment is for one (1) Alternate Business Property Owner to December 31, 2021.

If interested in applying, please submit your application to the Town Clerk's Office.