Juvenile Hearing Board

A local non-Judicial body made up of volunteer members of the community to address law violations, within the Town of North Kingstown, by juveniles. This venue offers the community a local, timely, and cost-effective process of diversion from the formal judicial system and Family Court. It is available to first-time juvenile offenders and does not create a juvenile criminal record as long as all conditions of the Board are complied with. 

Members of this board can address each juvenile’s behavior and problems on a personal basis in a way that the court would not have the time for. This personal and timely attention should make sanctions more meaningful and make certain that our first negative police contact becomes our last.

Member Details

Five members of the Board will sit at any hearing, with two alternate members. North Kingstown plans to hold two hearings a month. Training for the board members will be starting soon in hopes of a start at the New Year. We would also like to acknowledge Working Together For Wellness, North Kingstown’s Substance Abuse Task Force, for help and continued assistance toward this worthy endeavor.