Zoning Board of Review

Application Instructions

Application Criteria for Relief

ZBR Application Packet.  See attachment below.


Subdivision Application

Administrative Subdivision Checklist

Minor Preliminary Checklist

Minor Final Checklist 

Pre-Application Checklist.  See attachment below.

Major Master Checklist

Major Preliminary Checklist

Major Final Checklist

Pojac Point Road Application

Planned Unit Development Application

Development Plan

Development Plan Application


Comprehensive Permit

Comprehensive Permit Application and Checklist

In addition to this application, please use the appropriate checklist listed under subdivision applications above.

Comprehensive Plan Amendment

Application for Amendment to the Comprehensive Plan

Zoning Amendment

Application for Amendment to the Zoning Map/Ordinance

Historic District Commission

Historic District Commission Application

Historic District Commission Application Package

Historic District Commission Signage Application

Historic District Commission Checklist

Historic District Commission Application Review Guide

Historic District Commission Rules and Regulations

As part of an HDC application, you must submit the application along with the appropriate checklist materials.  All items on the checklist must be submitted for review.

Zoning Certificate

Application for Zoning Certificate

Fee Schedule

Planning Department Fee Schedule