Economic Development Advisory Board


WICKFORD ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ADVISORY BOARD (WEDAB) - As a subcommittee of the EDAB, its approved WEDAB mission can be found as an attached file below.

For a listing of EDAB members, please see the attached file below.
For meeting agenda and approved minutes, please visit the North Kingstown main website for online documents or click here.  
For additional information on the EDAB or WEDAB, please contact: Paige R. Bronk, AIPC, Economic Development Manager.  Phone: (401) 268-1572.

The Town of North Kingstown's Codified Ordinance, Chapter 2, Division 11, creates the Economic Development Advisory Board (EDAB) and addresses the Board's purpose, appointment, and duties as summarized below. 

Section 2-388. - Purpose:

The town council (herein "council") recognizes the need to expand the community's tax base and to encourage further sustainable economic development, aesthetically appropriate re-development, and retention of skilled employment opportunities for local residents.  The council also recognizes the benefits that will be derived from fostering more community involvement in the town's endeavor to stimulate the local economy.

Section 2-389. - Appointment:

The council hereby creates the North Kingstown Economic Development Advisory Board to serve in an advisory capacity to the council.  The board shall consist of seven members, appointed by the council, each of whom shall serve a three-year term.  A majority of the members of the board shall be qualified electors or residents of the town.

Section 2-390. - Duties:

The Economic Development Advisory Board (EDAB) serves in an advisory capacity to the Town Council. It shall advise the Council on the following matters:

(1) Attraction and expansion of business, commerce, industrial and commercial development which is consistent with the environmental goals, policies and standards established in the North Kingstown Comprehensive Plan;

(2) Development of voluntary site and design standards for business development and expansions of existing firms with an emphasis on the Post Road Corridor;

(3) Town support for the efforts of the Quonset Development Corporation and its Council representatives in an effort to deliver, in cooperation with the State, environmentally sound and financially prudent development at QDC;

(4) Appropriate development regulations in the Wickford Village, along the Post Road Corridor, other business development areas; and

(5) Such other matters which the Council may from time to time refer to it. The next meeting date is set at the previous meeting and the location varies as well.