Transfer Station

North Kingstown Transfer Station

345 Devils Foot Road

(401) 295-4766

Transfer Station Foreman -  

Scale House Clerk: Adele Sinapi

Transfer Station Hours: Tuesday, Friday & Saturday - 7:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m

Upcoming Shredding Events:

  • 9/12: Shred-it community shredding event; Greenwood Credit Union, 2669 Post Rd., Warwick; 9-12. Limit of 5 boxes per person. Call Shred-it for more information.
  • 9/26: Newport; Fall Recycling Day; Easton's Beach, 175 Memorial Blvd.; hosted by the City of Newport's Clean City Program; open to all. The event accepted a wide variety of items, check the City's webpage for more details.
  •  RI RECYCLES DAY - Free Shredding of Sensitive Personal Documents

     WHO: RI Residents (No Business Materials)      
     WHEN: Saturday, November 21, 2015 from 8 a.m. to Noon.
      WHERE: RIRRC, 65 Shun Pike, Johnston, RI 02919. Click here for directions.   
      WHAT: Free shredding of sensitive personal documents offered to RI residents

Shredding is available for up to TWO full green or blue recycling bins (or boxes/bags of similar size - not wheeled carts) of sensitive personal documents per family.  A "sensitive personal document" is a consumer record or document that contains personal data or information from which a living individual may be identified.

Examples of what ARE considered sensitive personal documents include:

  • tax returns
  • mortgage applications
  • bank statements
  • photocopies of credit cards or drivers' licenses
  • credit reports
  • medical records.


Do Collect:                                                       Don't:
Buckets/Drums                                             Non-plastic materials
Garbage Cans/Totes                                     Styrofoam
Recycling Bins                                              PVC Pipe/Tubing
Milk Crates                                                   Vinyl Siding
Kitty litter buckets                                       #1-7 food containers
Laundry baskets                                            Plastic film or bags
Lawn furniture
Pet carriers
Flower trays/pots
Pallets (non-wood)/Shelving


Your cooperation in using the PROPER containers for recycling is appreciated in order to reduce load contamination; load contamination means the load can no longer be recycled and disposal costs increase from $0.00 per ton to $32 per ton!


 Fee Schedule:

  • Residential Household Waste-$1.60 per bag, only with North Kingstown Tag.  Tags are sold in sheets of 5 only, at a cost of $8.00 per sheet.  ONLY 15/16 yellow tags.
  • Commercial Household Waste (with Town license)- $1.60 per bag, only with North Kingstown Tag or $160 dollars per ton.
  • Metal, brush, wood waste, demolition material, appliances (without refrigerant), and bulky items (those that do not fit in a 34 gallon bag)- $.08 per poundwith an $8.00 minimum.
  • Appliances with refrigerant (e.g. refrigerator, air conditioner, freezer, and dehumidifier)- $12.50 per unit. 
  • Mattresses and Box Springs - $20.00 each 
  • Leaves and grass clippings-no charge to residents.
  • Leaves and grass clippings from Commercial Customers-$8.00 per cubic yard, with an $8.00 minimum.
  • Tires, without the rims (maximum of 4) $2.00 per tire.
  • Empty  Propane Tanks  $3.00 per tank
  • Recyclable materials, e.g. metal cans, plastic containers less than 2-gal (liquid ounce), glass, corrugated cardboard (flattened), newspapers, mixed paper, rigid plastics, used motor oil, batteries, used books and clothing, acceptable E-waste, Christmas trees (seasonal) -at no charge to residents.


E-Waste Disposal Program Available

The Town of North Kingstown provides an E-Waste collection program at the North Kingstown Transfer Station for the disposal of unwanted televisions and computer/electronic equipment.

Residents disposing of televisions and computer monitors are asked to stop at the Scale House for instructions on how to dispose of these items. Residents disposing of all other acceptable items are asked to drop them off with transfer station personnel at the scale house. Only those items listed will be accepted. See below for a complete list.


Used Books for Charity Collection Available at the Transfer Station

The Town of North Kingstown is partnering with Discover Books, Books for Charity, for a charity book collection program. A container is available at the Transfer Station for residents to dispose of all hard cover and paperback books. All types of books, except encyclopedias and year books, books on tape and DVD are acceptable. Discover Books is a non-profit organization that collects books from families who no longer want them, and delivers them to children, families, schools and libraries that desperately need them. To date, Discover Books has delivered over 2 million donated books to schools, libraries and children!

For more information contact the Town's Recycling Coordinator at (401) 294-3331, ext. 601.


Gently Used Clothing & Shoe Donation Box at the Transfer Station

Planet Aid has located a donation box for gently used clothing and shoes at the Transfer Station.  Planet Aid is a nonprofit organization that collects and recycles used clothes and shoes and fosters international development.  Planet Aid supports projects that improve health, increase income, aid vunerable children, train teachers, and enhance the overall quality of life for people across the globe. The bright yellow box is located next to the Books for Charity collection box.