To help you get around the town and the state, whether for appointments, shopping, hospital visits or just visiting, we can connect you to transportation that’s needed. Here’s a listing. And if you have questions, please call our transportation coordinator, Melissa Smith at 268-1590.

Town of North Kingstown Transportation Services

Within town only Shopping Schedule

State Transportation Services

RIDE (Department of Elderly Affairs) RIPTA Bus Pass Program RIPTA Service for Americans with Disabilities

Volunteer Transportation Services

Friends in Service to Humanity (FISH)

South County Hospital

North Kingstown Transportation Services

Within town only: Call Melissa at 268-1590 to schedule.

To: Beechwood House, shopping, medical (pharmacy, office visits, labs, etc.) plus hairdressers, etc.

When: Monday through Friday between 10:15am and 2:00pm.

*We cannot guarantee arrival to appointments prior to 10:00am.

Who: North Kingstown residents 55+ Fee: No charge

ImageShopping schedule: Call Melissa at 268-1590 to schedule.

To: Stop and Shop Plaza – Friday mornings from your home.

To: Dave’s Marketplace in Wickford –Thursday mornings from your home.

To: Wal-Mart – 1:00pm 2nd and 4th  Tuesday of the month from the Senior Center.

State Transportation Services

RIDE (Department of Elderly Affairs) Call 461-9760 or 1-800-479-6902

For: Medical appointments to town or out of town medical appointments, therapy, cancer treatments, kidney dialysis, adult day care, physical therapy and meal site lunches.

When: Weekdays only between the hours of 10:00am and 1:00pm.

Who: 60+ or handicapped who meet certain criteria

Fee: $2.00 per trip/$4.00 round trip.

Two to four weeks notice needed to secure ride. No charge for transportation to senior day care.

ImageRIPTA Bus Pass Program

Call 784-9500 or visit for information

Fee: $21.25 for a 5-year pass.

Qualified riders with disability pay $21.25 for a 5-year pass. Pass holders pay half-fare on off-peak hours, weekends and holidays.

“No Fare” program available for riders enrolled in Medical Assistance or Rhode Island Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Elderly (RIPAE) program or who have incomes within the RIPAE limit.

RIPTA Services for Americans with Disabilities Act

(ADA Paratransit Services) Call 784-9553 to apply.

Questions? Call Melissa (401) 294-3331 Ext: 401

For: People with disabilities Where: All existing RIPTA service routes with door to door service within .75 mile of a regular bus stop.

Fee: Rate is twice the standard bus rate

Volunteer Transportation

Friends in Service to Humanity (FISH) Call 295-1121

For: Medical and social service appointments for North Kingstown or Exeter residents.

Where: Statewide

Fee: No charge (Donations appreciated)

Seniors Helping Others (SHO) Call 789-2362

Where: Statewide

When: When able

Fee: No charge (Donations appreciated)

South County Hospital Call (401) 782-8020 Ext: 1178

What: Wave van will transport to and from hospital only

Fee: No charge (Donations appreciated)