Boards and Commissions

Below are links to various Town Committees, Commissions, and Boards, including their members, terms and a brief description of their charge.

 If you are interested in serving on a board or commission, please fill out the Public Service Application (Attached below) and submit to the Town Clerk's Office. 

The following Boards, Commission and Boards have vacancies:

   ASSESSMENT BOARD OF REVIEW:  to hear and consider the appeal of any property owner concerning the amount of assessed valuation as determined by the assessor.  The Board meets at the call of the Chair.  The appointment is for one (1) member to December 1, 2017.

   ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ADVISORY BOARD:  this board serves in an advisory capacity to the Town Council.  Its duties shall be to advise the Council on the following matters:

(1)   the attraction and expansion of business, commerce, industrial and commercial development which is consistent with environmental goals, policies and standards established in the North Kingstown Comprehensive Plan as updated and in Town ordinances and regulations;

(2)   development of voluntary site and design standards for business development and expansion of existing firms, with an emphasis on the Post Road Corridor;

(3)   town support for the efforts of the Quonset Point/Davisville Management Corporation and its Council representatives in an effort to deliver, in cooperation with the State, environmentally sound and financially prudent development at Quonset Point/Davisville;

(4)   appropriate development regulations in the Wickford Village, along the Post Road Corridor, other business development areas; and

(5)   such other matters, which the Council may, from time to time, refer to it.

The appointment is for two (2) Members to December 1, 2017.

   CHARTER REVIEW COMMISSIONto convene at the request of the Town Council to consider and make recommendations concerning any issue or issues relating to the Charter or provisions thereof.  The Commission meets at the call of the Chair.  The appointment is for seven (7) members to December 31, 2016.

   HARBOR MANAGEMENT COMMISSION:  to recommend to the Town Council the adoption of rules, regulations, fees, penalties and other amendments to the Harbor Management Plan and its subsequent ordinances which may be necessary to fulfill the goals and objectives of the Harbor Management Plan; to recommend additional duties for the Harbor Division; to review and revise as necessary the Harbor Management Plan.  The appointment is for one (1) Recreational Boating Representative to fill an unexpired term to March 1, 2016.

   HISTORIC DISTRICT COMMISSION:  to review and act on all applications for alteration, construction, repair, removal or demolition of all structures and appurtenances located within the historic district; to review and make recommendations on all applications for the National Register of Historic Places and to promote the use of the historic district for the education, pleasure and welfare of the Town.  The Commission meets on the first Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m.  The appointment is for two (2) member to December 1, 2017 and one (1) Alternate member to December 1, 2017.  All new applicants must have a resume attached.

   JUVENILE HEARING BOARD:  this board is duly charged with promoting the health, safety and general welfare of our community by way of effectively dealing with referrals from the North Kingstown Police Department’s Youth Services Bureau.  These referrals will concern persons under eighteen years of age who have committed criminal or other offenses within the Town limits. 

 Appointed members will be required to successfully complete a sixty hour training course, undergo a criminal history background check and abide by a confidentiality agreement which protects the privacy of the referred juveniles.  Board hearings will be held two or three times each month. 

 The appointment is for one (1) professional medical or mental health representative, one (1) at-large representative and one (1) auxiliary member to December 1, 2017.

   TOWN SERGEANT:  to serve and execute all writs, summons, any other process, attend Town Council Meetings and assist the Board of Canvassers in conducting elections.  The appointment is for two (2) years to December 31, 2016. This is a paid position - please call Town Clerk for more information.

   WICKFORD PLAN COMMITTEE:  assisting with implementation of the Wickford Village Plan and participating in discussion of Wickford Village activities as warranted.  The Commission meets on the fourth Thursday of each month at 5:30 p.m.  The appointment is for ten (10) members to December 1, 2016.

    ZONING BOARD OF REVIEW:  to hear and decide appeals where it is alleged there is error in any order, requirement, decision or determination by the building official and to hear and decide special exceptions and variances.  The Board meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month.  The appointment is for one (1) second alternate member  to fill an unexpired term to July 1, 2015.





Boards, Commission and Committee's Handbook - adopted by the Town Council January 2008. (Attached below