Water Department Breaking News....


WHAT IS IT: Code Red is a highspeed emergency notification program that allows us to record and send personalized voice messages.

WHEN IS IT USED: The North Kingstown Water Department has used this system to notify customers about situations that may affect their water service.  Most often it has been used to notify customers about water main breaks.  These are unanticipated breaks in water lines that result in low or no water pressure in a wide spread area and require that valves be closed (water be turned off) in order to repair the pipe.
***It is important for customers to realize that the calls are made to available phone numbers in a geographic area.  This inevitably results in calls being made to people who are not at all affected by the break. Follow up phone calls are not typically made. In these situations Water Department staff remain on site working until water service is restored. 
To sign up for Code Red notifications visit the North Kingstown Public Safety web site and submit your phone contact information.


The North Kingstown Department of Water Supply is a municipal owned and operated utility. The Department of Water Supply is also responsible for administering the Town's Wastewater Management Program. Water Department policies and rates are set by the North Kingstown Town Council. The water supply for the Town comes from 11 gravel packed groundwater wells. On average the Town wells pump 3 million gallons (MGD) of water per day or one billion gallons per year. The peak summer demand can be as high as 8 MGD. The Water Department has an annual budget of just over $2 million dollars. All funds come from user fees. No tax dollars support the Water Department. The department employs 13 full time and one part-time employee. The water system consists of more than 9,000 service connections serving 94% of North Kingstown.