Municipal Charter and Ordinances

The Town of North Kingstown's Charters and Ordinances are maintained through:

The Municipal Code Corporation

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14-01  Amendment to Recreation Fees - Harbor Fees and Mooring Permits

14-02 Amendment to Recreation Fees - Golf Course

14-03 Amendment to Zoning - Home Occupations/Parking and storage of commerical vehicles

14-04  Amendment to Zoning - Land Nonconforming by area or other Dimensional Requirements

14-05  Amendment to Transient moorings

14-06 (Uncodified) - Amendement to Comprehensive Plan - Groundwater overlay map

14-07  Amendment to Zoning -  Groundwater recharge and wellhead protection overlay districts

14-08  Amendment to Zoning - Development Standards for certain uses - adaptive apartment untis

14-09 Amendment to Recreation Fees - Band Shell Fees

14-10 Amendment to Stopping, Standing and Parking - Trailers and Recreational Vehicles  - Parking

14-11 (Uncodified) - Septic Loan Program

14-12 Amendment to Recreation Fees - Allen Harbor Transient moorings

14-13 (Uncodified) Ordinane -  Amendment to the Comprehensive Plan - Rural Gateway

14-14 (Uncodified) Ordinance - Amendment to the Comprehesnsive Plan  - CVD

14-15 Amendment to Zoning - Zoning Map and Assessors Plats

14-16 Amendment to Utilities - Water Distribution Mains