Welfare Services

Welcome to the office of the Director of Public Welfare/Social Services now located at the North Kingstown Senior Center, 44 Beach Street, North Kingstown, RI 02852 (right at the Town Beach). The hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 am - 3:00pm. 

Marie K. Marcotte is  Director of North Kingstown Senior and Human Services and has assumed the duties of the Welfare Director.

All services provided by the Welfare Director are now available through the Social Services Department at the North Kingstown Senior Center.  Although the senior center is the office location, services are provided to North Kingstown residents of all ages. 

Social Services/Welfare is a Community resource for North Kingstown residents who need emergency assistance and don't know where to get help.   Limited Town funds are available for clients in the areas of rent, medications, fuel, utilities and other services essential to maintaining families or individuals who are North Kingstown residents.  All assistance is granted in voucher form and no cash assistance is issued.

The Social Services Department is the contact for the Salvation Army and is the contact person for the RI Good Neighbor Energy Fund which is administered by the Salvation Army.

You may reach the office by telephone at
(401) 268-1591, FAX (401) 294-3020


Social Services Coordinator Kim Capuano - kcapuano@northkingstown.org or

Social Services Worker Beverly Hood bhood@northkingstown.org

To supply professional, efficient and confidential support and relief to North Kingstown residents who are in an emergency situation.