Water Conservation


Lawn watering restricted to twice per week during July and August North Kingstown has at times experienced a water supply shortfall under maximum summer day water demand conditions. In other words, we do not have adequate pumping capacity to consistently meet the highest water demands we have experienced. We have at times exceeded pumping capacity. Our ability to provide municipal water and fire service is dependent on promulgating effective policies to reduce peak demand and other wasteful uses of our potable water supply. In the interest of protecting public health and safety and after considerable public discussion, the North Kingstown Town Council adopted an amendment to the North Kingstown Utilities Ordinance that restricts the irrigation of lawns and landscaping for properties using irrigation (sprinkler) systems to two (2) days per week. Duration of restrictions for lawn and landscape irrigation Irrigation of lawns and landscaping for properties using sprinkler systems is restricted to twice per week from July 1 through September 1 on an annual basis or until such time as this section is repealed rescinded or superseded. Schedule of irrigation of lawns and landscaping Irrigation of lawns and landscaping is restricted from July 1 through September 1 in accordance with the following: IRRIGATION DISTRICT 1- (SPRINKLER USE ALLOWED ON MONDAY AND THURSDAY ONLY) All North Kingstown Water customers located to the east of Route 1/Post Road/Tower Hill Road. IRRIGATION DISTRICT 2 - (SPRINKLER USE ALLOWED ON TUESDAY AND FRIDAY ONLY) All North Kingstown Water customers located to the west of Route 1/Post Road/Tower Hill Road. No sprinkler operation will be permitted in any district between the hours of 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM or on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday; however, hand watering of flowers and/or vegetable gardens is permitted at anytime. Click on the link below to see a copy of the North Kingstown Irrigation Districts Map

Water Conservation

Some facts for you to consider: Did you know that in the Summer of 2005 between 3.5 and 5 million gallons of water were used outdoors, primarily for lawn watering, by North Kingstown water customers on a daily basis? This is more than the annual average daily usage! Our water comes from wells and in the hot, dry days of summer all the wells are pumping 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. In July and August 2005 water use exceeded our maximum pumping capacity on numerous days. There is no way to increase the amount of water being supplied, so when water demand exceeds our pumping capacity, storage tank levels drop severely compromising the Town’s ability to fight fires and resulting in reduced pressure that could result in contamination.

Maintaining adequate flow and pressure for public health and safety is a critical concern. Consider the impact on the environment. Water withdrawn from wells reduces the amount of water in our surface water bodies. There is currently focus on the Hunt River and a concern that the stream levels during the summer months are not adequate to be protective of the aquatic environment. Residential outdoor water use during the summer months is considered to be a primary cause of reduced river flow. There has been discussion on the state level of establishing standards and limiting pumping when streams reach critical levels. This would force additional restrictions on outdoor water use.

Water Conservation tips during times of drought

Testing your home for water leaks  


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*First Published in Town of Narransett’s Stormwater Currents, Spring 2009