Land Records

Land Records

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All documents pertaining to Land Evidence, which are required by state statute to be recorded, are filed in this department.

  • All documents must be on record by 3:30 pm * Please note: No maps will be recorded after 3:00 pm
  • Computer Index: Can be print from the computer ($1.50 per page)
  • All documents from Land Evidence Book 140 to current are available and may be printed for $1.50 per page.  (these books are no longer available to make copies of documents on the copy machine)  Books 1 though 140 are still available and copies can be made on the public copy machine for $1.00 per page.   
  • History in Computer: Begins November 1888 through day indicated on screen or in paper index. **The public computers are  shut down at 4:25 pm daily**
  • Hard Copy: Grantor and Grantee Indexed through date in the current books

Tax Stamps 

7/1/2002 $4.00
7/1/2002 Mobile Homes $2.80
7/1/1980 - 6/30/2002 $2.80
7/1/1978 - 6/30/1989 $2.20
UP TO 6/30/78 $1.10

Effective 4/1/2007 - All deeds must have the sale price on the document or language to the effect that it is not a sale.

Old recordings check both Grantee & Grantor books


  • UCC - in computer from January 1983
  • UCC before 1983 are indexed
  • RI Inheritance Tax Liens from 5/15/1986 - 1/91 in grantee
  • Before that they are in the gray book which goes to 1990
  • Release of RI Inheritance tax from 1991 - present in grantor
  • Up to 1988 all D/mtg, A/mtg, Tax Liens, Liens in grantee
  • Discharges/Assignments/Tax Liens etc: NO cross-index beginning January 1988 (before 1988 check Grantee for property owners)


Recorded Maps & Condo Maps are either in Plat Books or Hanging Files Indexed either by Recorded Plat Number or Plat Name

State Highway maps are in hanging files Highway petitions & abandonments on file

Military Discharges

Filed and in book form - Not a Public Record

Miscellaneous Information

First Town Hall

1807 Division of NK & SK - 1723 - (Book 1 Page 58)

"Shift Marriage" (Book 1 Page 79)

Slaves (Book 1 Page 202 & 205)

Probate 10/158 or so bottom - slaves in inventory Fires: 12/16/1870 (TC BK 36/277) & 12/11/1920 (TC BK 46/498)

Original deed from Indians 1686-1709 (Book 1 Page 20/21)

Recording Fees

Recording Fees RIHRT RIGL 34-13-7 ADD *$4.00
Assignment of Mortgage 45.00*
Bill of Sale 45.00*
Business certificate 45.00*
Deed of executor, administrator, trustees, conservator receiver or commissioner 80.00*
Discharge of attachment or execution 45.00*
Discharge of federal tax lien 7.25*
Discharge of mortgage 45.00*
Easement 80.00*
Foreclosure deed under power of sale with affidavit 80.00*
Federal tax lien 7.25*
General assignment 45.00*
Lease 60.00*
Lis pendens 80.00*
Maps, plats, surveys, drawings (not attached to or a part of another recordable instrument) 45.00*
Mortgage 60.00*
Partial release of mortgage 45.00*
Power of attorney 45.00*
Quitclaim deed 80.00*
Warranty deed 80.00*
Any other instrument not otherwise expressly provided 45.00*
Additional pages per instrument per page 1.00
Account under mechanics lien law RIGL 34-13-8 10.00
Mechanic’s lien 10.00
Writ of attachment or execution affecting title to RE 10.00
Writ of attachment or lien affecting title to Mobile Home 2.00
Tax certificate RIGL 44-7-11 8.00
Notice of Lien or Release of RI Employment & Training (28-40-14) $4.00
Uniform Commercial Code RIGL 6A-9-525  
All documents (1 or 2 pages) 16.00
(3 or more pages) 32.00
Certification of instruments RIGL 34-13-9 3.00
Copies of instruments: photostatic per page 1.50
*RI Historical Records Trust RIGL 42-8.1-20 4.00
Copies of recorded maps $2.00/per map


In the State of Rhode Island all land evidence records are recorded in the city/town where the property is located (no washington county recorder)