Wastewater Management

North Kingstown Wastewater Management District Ordiance Forty percent of Rhode Islanders get their drinking water from groundwater or small local reservoirs. Outdated cesspools and failing septic systems are a major source of pollution to these water supplies. What you flush down the toilet directly affects the water you drink and the waters you fish, swim and boat in. North Kingstown's Wastewater Management District Ordinance went into effect in 1999. It requires that property owners have their onsite wastewater treatment system inspected or pumped once every three years. If you have received this post card, it's just a reminder that you must provide a copy of your inspection report or pump out receipt to the Department of Water Supply. For information on conventional septic systems, click here. Remember to:

North Kingstown's Wasteware Management Districts North Kingstown has been divided into four Wastewater Management Districts as shown on the map below. The Districts include:

  • Wastewater District 1 - All properties served by a private well and ISDS or cesspool;
  • Wastewater District 2 - All properties located in Zone 1 Groundwater Protection Areas and all properties located adjacent to poorly flushed coastal areas;
  • Wastewater District 3 - All properties located in Zone 2 Groundwater Protection Areas and properties located in densely settles coastal areas;
  • Wastewater District 4 - all other properties in North Kingstown served by ISDS or cesspools.

NK Wastewater Management District Map Frequently asked questions regarding the North Kingstown Wastewater Management District Ordinance NK Community Septic System Loan Program The Town of North Kingstown is pleased to announce that our Community Septic System Loan Program has been reestablished. This program makes low interest loans available to North Kingstown property owners for cesspool/septic system repairs or replacements.

  • Eligible loan amounts range from $1,000 to $25,000
  • Loan terms of 3. 5. 7. or 10 years
  • All systems financed under this program must include an effluent filter and risers to grade

Download a copy of the NK CSSLP Loan Application You can link to the National Small Flows Clearinghouse for additional information on wastewater management issues.

For a listing of Town 2011 certified ISDS inspectors can be obtained here