Wickford Design Guidelines

The Town of North Kingstown has a process underway to adopt design guidelines for portions of Wickford Village. The guidelines will be focused on buildings in commercial use primarily along Brown Street. They are intended to ensure that any new construction, including additions to existing buildings, is both sensitive to and compatible with the surrounding National Register Historic District, but will also provide guidance regarding the maintenance of existing historic buildings. The guidelines will address setbacks, siting, size, scale, massing, style, materials, and architectural details. The guidelines will be explained through text and illustrations.

The town will engage stakeholders and the public through two series of public meetings: a series of workshops to be held prior to commencing work on the guidelines, and a series of public meetings to be held after the guidelines are drafted.

Wickford Design Guidelines Public Workshop (Day 1) click here... for Video Day One
Wickford Design Guidelines Public Workshop (Day 2) Click here... for Video of Day Two


Wickford Design Guidelines Community Forums – November 15 and 16, 2017.  See attached below.

Wickford Design Guidelines Enforcement Options.  See attached below.

Wickford Design Guidelines Steering Committee – December 4, 2017 Agenda.  See attached below.