Special Reports and Documents

The following special reports and documents have been prepared for the town over the last several years and are grouped together by topic area for your review.

Redevelopment Agency Comprehensive Plan Amendment

Power point presentation - February 2016 (*See Attachment Below)

Power point presentation - March 2016 (*See Attachment Below)

Second Reading of an Amendment to the Land Use Element of the Comprehensive Plan(*See Attachment Below)

Planning Dept. memo to Town Council

Economic Development

Economic Development Memorandum - March 24, 2015.  (*See Attachment Below).

Economic Development Funcution Matrix - March 24, 2015.  (*See Attachment Below).

Land Use

North Kingstown Comprehensive Plan

Village TDR Phase I Report, Appendix A - Opportunities and Constraints Mapping

Village Study Phase II Report

Village Study Phase III Report

Route 2/102 Visioning Final Report (Click here to link to the Route 2/102 Visioning web page)

CVD Ordinance Final Draft

Wickford Village Plan


Post Road Corridor Plan (* See Attachment Below)


Affordable Housing Plan (See Below)

Natural Resource Protection

1991 Groundwater Protection Plan 

Hazard Mitigation Plan 

Harbor Management Plan 


Allen Harbor Calf Pasture Point Master Plan

RIDEM 2011 Rhode Island Recreation Acquisition and Development Grant Application and Award

Community Services and Facilities

Wastewater Management Plan