Boards & Commissions

The following are links to various Town Committees, Commissions, and Boards, including their members, terms and a brief description of their charge.

If you are interested in serving on a board or commission, please fill out the Public Service Application (PDF)and submit to the Town Clerk's Office.

The following Boards & Commissions have vacancies:

BUILDING CODE BOARD OF APPEALS:  the board has the authority to hear appeals on interpretation, order, requirement, and direction by the building official and grant variances to the building code.  This Board meets the first Wednesday of each month.  The appointment is for one (1) vacancy for first alternate to fill an unexpired term to 7/1/2023 and one (1) second alternate member to 7/1/2023. 

CONSERVATION COMMISSION:  to promote and develop the natural resources; to preserve natural aesthetic areas within the Town; and to protect and conserve the environmental quality of the Town.  This Commission meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month.  The appointment is for three (3) members to October 1, 2021.

ENERGY ADVISORY COMMISSION:  the purpose of this commission shall be to assist the Town Council in determining policies, plans and programs for more efficient energy usage and for the utilization of alternative energy sources.  This commission shall meet no less than four (4) times per fiscal year and submit quarterly reports of its activities and recommendations to the Town Council and Town Manager.  The commission is comprised of seven (7) members each to serve for two-year staggered terms.  Members of this commission shall consist of two (2) Members who are experts in alternative energy and five (5) At-large Members.  Four (4) of the seven (7) Members shall be residents and qualified electors of the town.

The initial appointments for this commission are one (1) Expert Member to December 1, 2019, two (2) At-Large Members to December 1, 2019, one (1) Expert Member to December 1, 2020 and three (3) At-Large Members to December 1, 2020. 

GROUNDWATER COMMITTEE:  to assist the Town in planning future land and water use; facilitate the implementation of the Groundwater Protection Plan; promote public interest in and understanding of groundwater.  The Committee meets the first Thursday of each month. The appointment is for one (1) Member to July 1, 2019.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ADVISORY COMMITTEE: the purpose of this committee shall be to assist in establishing standards and guidelines and implementation of Information Technology initiatives, trends, IT related projects, services and methods of communication with the public. The ITAC will advise the Town Council on these initiatives and submit quarterly progress reports to the Town Council.  Members of the committee shall possess a working knowledge in an Information Technology field.  The appointment is for one (1) Expert Member to fill an unexpired term to March 1, 2021.

LIBRARY BOARD OF TRUSTEES:  to oversee care of the property; responsible for policy-making and planning, based on a knowledge of the community, its service needs, and current standards and trends regarding libraries; to make rules and regulations for the government of the library and use of library materials; responsible for the library budget and finances.  This Board meets on the second Monday of each month.  The appointment is for three (3) members to October 1, 2021.

If interested in applying, please submit your application to the Town Clerk's Office by Tuesday, October 9, 2018.