Post Road Redevelopment


The update of the North Kingstown Comprehensive Plan will reflect input from both the 2014 Market Study and the input from stakeholders during the Comprehensive Plan review process. In January 2016, zoning for the Post Road District was preliminarily amended to delete the single story requirement, and to delete the requirement that parking be located behind buildings. Section 21 to 94 of the Code of Ordinances. Further regulatory streamlining efforts will assist efforts to make the Post Road Corridor a more vibrant mixed use center comprised of higher density commercial and residential uses. 

In January, 2018, the Economic Development Advisory Board held a public forum at Davisville Middle School where over forty residents and businesses attended to share their views on the future growth and redevelopment of Post Road.  EDAB will continue to have Post Road as an agenda item for their monthly meetings and encourage all to attend and help formulate strategies to invigorate the Post Road Corridor.

On March 5th, 2018, the Town Council adopted the Post Road Façade Improvement Program, designed to encourage improvement and investment in the overall revitalization of Post Road; it is designed to retain and attract business, increase utilization of existing properties and buildings, and to restore economic vitality and enhance property values.  The purpose extends to, but is not limited to, the encouragement of the overall beautification of Post Road via façade and landscaping improvements.  The program is effective July 1, 2018, and provides for up to a $5000.00 monetary match after an application for improvement has been approved.