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    As we approach this Memorial Day Weekend, I hope this message finds you and your families well during these unique times.  Our deepest condolences go out to members of our community who have lost a loved one.  You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

    My thanks to the Parades Committee and our Recreation Department in their work in organizing a virtual Memorial Day Commemoration this weekend.  On Monday, May 25th at 10am members of the Parades Committee will gather at different Memorials to lay wreaths in memory of those we lost during our nation’s conflicts.  All North Kingstown residents are invited to observe the ceremony via Facebook Live on our official North Kingstown Facebook page at 10am.

    While business-as-usual has been drastically disrupted for most Rhode Islanders, we are looking forward to doing all we can to move forward in reopening our economy.  I am proud of and want to commend the many hard-working individuals who have worked hard and truly risen to the occasion to make this happen.  We have set up an easy-to-use viewpoint application system, with a rapid plan of response and approval, for those restaurants who wish to open under Rhode Island’s Phase I reopening.

    Our parks remain open!  Please continue to adhere to the Social Distancing guidelines.  Our playground equipment remains closed.

    Our Golf Course is open - and plans are in place for the opening of our Town Beach, on schedule, this Memorial Day Weekend.  Please visit our website ( for schedule and beach pass information.

    Applications for our Summer Camp Program, beginning June 29th, are available online.  We will be encompassing changes to our annual program in order to include various health & safety protocols as well as steps to make camp as enjoyable as possible for our participants.

    The Senior Center remains closed as they are functioning as a local Food Distribution Center.  Our Library has begun limited curbside pick-up with the possibility of additional restricted access under the State’s Phase II reopening.

    The Town’s Transfer Station is open and fully operational.  And we are making structural changes to our Municipal Office Building(s) to provide a safe experience for visitors and residents.

    Emergency Voting for the June 2nd Presidential Primary is available at the Municipal Office Building.  Voting will be by appointment or by calling in advance.  We ask that you wear a mask when entering the building unless prevented by doing so due to an underlying condition.

    Many of the common services utilized by our residents are available online.  Please feel free to call the appropriate department if you have any questions.  Please note that the 4th quarter tax deadline was extended to May 31st

    Assistance is available for anyone living in quarantine or isolation due to COVID-19.  Please visit for connections to groceries, home supplies, restaurants and mutual aid groups.  If you have a general, non-medical question about COVID-19 please visit or call 401-222-8022.  And as always, you are encouraged to stay home if you are sick unless you are in need of emergency medical care.

    I hope this information is helpful.  Know that North Kingstown has been at the forefront in doing all we can to pivot from the “closure” required by the State due to COVID-19 to the reopening necessary for the economic survival of our business owners as well as the social and mental health benefits that all residents are deserving of with a reopening.

    Thank you

    A Ralph Mollis