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Holiday Giving Gift Application and Children Wish List

  1. Department of Social Services Holiday Giving, Town of North Kingstown, Telephone: (401) 268-1579

    Confidential Family Information

  2. To qualify for the Holiday Giving Program, you must be a resident of North Kingstown and have a child 13 or under residing in North Kingstown. We require proof of residence (a rent receipt, bank statement, something from your child's school or recent bill mailed to your address), proof of income (SNAP award letter, housing/lease agreement or 2018 tax return), birth certificate for each child on wish list and a photo ID. Application can not be completed without proper documentation and an appointment. Please call (401) 268-1579 to schedule your appointment.

  3. For EACH of your children, please write down suggestions for TOYS, GAMES, OTHER GIFT IDEAS AND SPECIAL INTERESTS (for example; art, football, basketball, etc.) and any CLOTHING needed, color and sizes. NO VIDEO GAMES, COMPUTERS, iPADS, iPHONES or ELECTRONIC DEVICES.

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  18. Have you applied to ANY OTHER organization, church, school or agency for assistance with the December Holidays?*

  19. I understand that this application does not guarantee participation in this program.*

  20. I realize that members of the community donate all items for the holiday giving programs and agree not to hold any agency responsible for the number of items I receive.*

  21. I realize that providing false information will disqualify me from this program.*

  22. I give permission to discuss my case with whomever necessary (this permission is granted for (6) six months from the date of this application).*

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